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The Lost Art: Sharpening.

When is the last time you cut something? Paper, grass, wood, rope, fabric, or food? How did you go about that? What tool did you use? What’s the difference between using a dull knife and a sharp one? What is the difference between using a dull tool and one that is sharp and honed? A …

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Truth: How It Grounds Us.

In a new year, goals, desires, and change is focused on by many. What individuals need most is not a change in behavior but a change in mindset and foundation of their belief system. What is the basis of change and sustainability is Truth.

Accuracy of understanding

Understanding is critical for functioning. In times of panic, stress, and difficulty solutions can be quickly developed. Quotes are usually looked to for answers. Quick, witty, and snap statements are looked at as insightful. Statements are evaluated based on feel and rationalization for ones opinion. Selfishness usually takes over. As the world gains access to …

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Understanding History: The opportunity to enter into the process of Sanctification.

History shows the failures, successes, and illuminates the mentalities of humanity. At many levels humanity is very simple. Even at the complex levels and the levels of highest competition, simplicity is king. Under pressure, the human mind panics unless there is a filtering out of distractions and only the key elements of a situation are …

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Anxiety, sports, and future.

Our culture and world has seen some major shifts in the way life functions. Most every aspect of life has changed to some degree. Athletics is no different, at all levels it has seen major disturbances. I have heard from athletes, parents, and coaches wondering, what is next? The landscapes of professional, amateur, and junior …

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Service vs. being Entertained

We are designed to be in relationship with each other and serve our creator. Despite this nature, we as people tend to turn to the things that entertain us for our benefit and desires. At our very nature we tend to do the things that we feel is right for us. Despite our best intentions …

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