About Us

Personal intellectual education and development is what this website and its content hopes to help its visitors experience. Humanity has the ability to think: create ideas, learn concepts and information, deconstruct & construct ways of thinking, and implement these beliefs and thought processes into every day life. 

The content you will find here will focus on many different aspects of the human psyche as well as different areas. Topics will be written in various contexts such as: 

  • Psychology
  • Counseling
  • Sports
  • Resources (information on Books, articles, websites/blogs, and other informational resouces)

We hope that you find the content informative and helpful. 

About Nick

“Nick is a licensed professional counselor and has a passion for helping individuals understand there past and current narratives with the desire to partner with them to create change in their life. Nick has always been interested in the ways in which people think and how they go about their lives. Along with his professional clinical counseling, Nick has worked with athletes at many different levels from beginners, to competitive junior athletes all the way up to the collegiate level. 
 Much of the online content that Nick offer’s here is based upon clinical, coaching, and personal experience. Along with his Counseling & Coaching work Nick engages in speaking and consulting.
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Created To Think- Nick Kavaleris