When we fall apart

People do not fail when life is too hard, they have already rotted away when things are easy. The difficulties of the world and the current statuses are just the things that trigger the distraction.

Difficulty is the pressure that is put on us which will test us. If we have not prepared in the good times we will fail. When we assume things are good, and when we take for granted the present stability, we have already failed and started to erode.

It is harder to hold onto life when it is easy, because we become confident in what we shouldn’t feel confidence in, that things are going well.

God has separated believers from future judgment but not present suffering. God does not make the world a good place because if God did then we most likely wouldn’t be ready for the judgment seat. God allows this world to be difficult because the focus isn’t on the now but on the future.

As life is easy now, there is guaranteed rot, distraction, and destruction. This is because because maintenance is not focused on. When success happens the necessity of effort is decreased. When success happens people get confident. When success happens people get weak.

People don’t fail when difficulty happens, they have already failed, they have already been rotting away. Difficulty illuminates the stress fractures and rot that is already present.