Counseling Articles

Thank you for visiting the section of this site on Counseling Articles. We hope that the content here is insightful. Information in this section will pertain specifically to the application of counseling and self directed change. The information here will be focused on mindfulness based activities, cognitive behavioral techniques, and other strategies you can use to help create change in your life. We hope that the content here is beneficial. 

Teaching Through Failure

Most real lasting lessons learned are not learned in safe vacuums void of pain and conflict. Deep teaching and learning frequently happens when difficulty and

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What is fairness and why do people seek it? Fairness in todays culture typically is used or discussed when people are “getting” or “not getting”

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When we fall apart

People do not fail when life is too hard, they have already rotted away when things are easy. The difficulties of the world and the

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Life today is full of things to do. Life is full of things to believe in. Life is full of things that distract. Distractions are

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Focal Point: What is yours?

Before digital cameras were created and cameras were installed in phones people had an understanding focal length. Photographers knew what focal length was and how

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