Stepping Stones

What are the stones that we stand upon when crossing the rivers of turmoil as we journey to dry land. These stepping stones are truths. The truths may not feel like god things. The truths may be difficult to understand. The truths may be forgotten by some. In the end, truths prove to to be the things that guide and create stability as one journeys.

Dr. Stephen Greggo is a psychologist, pastor, and professor whom wrote a book called “The Trekking Towards Wholeness”. This title is a great one which describes the journey one takes through their journey as a believer in the “Gospel”. A disciple is one who understands that their mindset is to “trek towards wholeness”. A disciple is a learner, is one who studies, and is one who teaches and guides others.

The journey in life will have turmoil. What are the stepping stones that we stand upon and step upon as we trek through wholeness?