What is fairness and why do people seek it?

Fairness in todays culture typically is used or discussed when people are “getting” or “not getting” something compared to what others are getting. Economically, relationally, and through sacrifice fairness is evaluated.

At Christmas people can get angry and think something is “unfair” when one gets a gift that is less than another’s gift. From gifts, to punishment, to money, to opportunity, people who have less typically look at their situation as unfair while those who have something seem to think life is fair. Fairness is usually an either/or, something is or it isn’t fair in the eyes of the individuals involved. No matter the side fairness is ultimately about judgment and through judgments “fairness” is then evaluated.

If fairness rests upon judgment then what are the rules and legal process where judgment is getting carried out? Is the court or system carrying out the judgment clearly and based on facts? There is one element that will significantly effect and skew actual fairness; this element is human perception. A judgment based solely or based with a majority of influence based upon perception will not ultimately be fair in it’s entirety. It will ultimatums be fair for one and not fair based on the situation. Fair for a one person is usually not fairness.

A “fair” outcome has to be based upon clear rules of evaluation, facts, evidence, and acceptance. A “fair” outcome must limit perception, remove emotionality, and look upon a situation with clear vision. A fair outcome also must not be evaluated as good or bad with perception and emotions. An outcome is an outcome. The outcome will effect life however the way it moves someone emotionally has to be brought into check as well. An outcome can move someone too emotionally where the fair outcome doesn’t produce good fruits and thusly looses its effectiveness. Fairness can not be evaluated if a persons perception is the evaluator of fairness. Fairness can’t be evaluated with limited information, context, and knowledge. Fairness is more than feelings. Something can be fair and the outcomes it processes for someone in the short term can be difficult

Fairness rests upon consistency and clarity. There is not injustice with a fair result and no justice in an unfair result.