People of the Towel

In a “me” centered society there is a necessity to model our lives after a truth & philosophy that transforms. John 13:1-17 repeats a theme that is seen through out the Bible. Knowing and doing is required to live a life that is a proper response to the grace that has been given to the world by God. To live “a christ like life” or a “life that is in the spirit” a believe is to act upon what is known and done.

Through the washing of his disciples feet Jesus Christ teaches them, serves them, and gives a model of how Christians are to appreciate what God does and also model the living of life. It is easy to want to serve others. It is easy to talk about, tell others, and desire to serve others. The difficulty comes into play where motivation, gifting, and action come into account. The living out a life is easy in theory and difficult in application.

John 13:15 “I have set an example that you should do as I have done for you.” Jesus has done more than any man, women, or child could do. The physical action of washing feet is the externalization of the internal knowledge, motivation, desire and purpose.

There isn’t any spiritual cleansing that happens without the Gospel and the belief in the Gospel message of the Bible. Verse 10 offers us a new view of foot washing and a new view of God acting in the world. It also offers a new view point of what believers and Gods chosen are to do in response of their spiritual cleansing. The amazing grace of God is to be responded to by those who have accepted the grace God gives.

Christ like conduct can’t happen unless there is a learning, knowing, and then doing of the behaviors that would represent the nature of the spiritual cleansing. Being born again happens one for believers. Living out that born again nature then happens each and every day. To live out faith, Christian believers need to be the “people of the towel”. They are learned, aware, motivated, and dedicated to their faith and new nature. To be a Christian is to know and to do. Being a “person of the towel” is to know what that means and to be deeply moved to live accordingly.