Problem of God and Evil.

How does one understand the brokenness of the world? How does one handle dealing with living life amongst the difficulties of the world we inhabit?

The first stage to answering this is to also answer “how do we understand who is really in control?” The second stage is to answer “what do the outcomes glorify?”

What is our struggle to deal with evil and side with good? It is not the struggle against new things or new ideas but to choose the position of fortifying our understanding of who we are glorifying. When we stand with this position our battle is not against those we walk the earth with but of something greater. Revelation chatter 12 speaks of good versus evil. It shares the reason why evil exists as well as why the world is effected by evil.

The fight is specific and directed. The fight needs to be against the one who “leads the world astray” v9. The one who ultimately accuses is the one who fights against truth and unity in the truth.

The fight against those who focus on unity in the self and worldly desires is what many focus on today but is not going to lead to a better life. True unity should not be focused on unifying those next to us with each other but to unify us to the one who is above us. This unity is the only way to choose good and honor the only solution to evil and it’s effects on our lives.

If we do not have one unifying God we will ultimately do as we see fit. We will always loose the battle of good and evil if we look to our own skills and knowledge. Overcoming evil in this works is not going to happen with what we do. It has already been done by God. We do not have to be any bridge or come up with any new solutions. Our efforts will prove useless. God has given the bridge that matters for unity and triumph. The Gospel Message of the Bible shares the Truth.