Options; Helpful or Harmful?

Many times in life it is tight options are good. Examples are when getting bids to price out construction work out when buying an item there might be research on where to purchase it the cheapest. Going to college or trade school has many options of institutions to continue education. The best fit can be found with some effort based on variables; area of study, cost, location, and potential outcomes. Occupations can have very different contexts. Public vs private sector. Rural vs urban sector. For profit vs non profit sectors can all be options. Many times options can be a good thing to get to the best solution. Many times these options create Dickson within the occupation and between people. Options can create regret of choosing one area and not the other.

Options can also crate regret when the option chosen may not turn out to be what was expected or anticipated. Options can overwhelm the senses, create distraction, and desensitize. Option can be the foundation where disagreement is built upon and can be the fertilizer to grow disconnection.

In faith, options are not appropriate. The answer, “all rivers lead to the ocean” or “there are many paths lead to the same destination” does not apply to eternity. In the Bible, John chapter 14 verse 1 -6 shows the one way, the only option, and the truth of the path. The passage speaks to the other options as what they are. Other faiths are distractions and those options will create regret and distraction.

There is only one way to heaven, there is only one option. There is no universal multi tool option. Friedrich Nietzsche is inaccurate when he said “You have your way and I have my way”. In faith and in an existential focus, options are not appropriate and also create more harm and distraction than good.

The Gospel Message shows the only way.