Nick kavelaris

Teaching Through Failure

Most real lasting lessons learned are not learned in safe vacuums void of pain and conflict. Deep teaching and learning frequently happens when difficulty and sacrifice are present. Typically those who occupy the highly successful occupations have endured lengths of time, usually spent in difficult activities and delayed gratifications. It is important to understand that […]

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Hostility and Faithfulness

How does one take religious persecution and continue to be faithful? How does one impact the culture they are living in without being infected by it? One of the first steps in addressing this to be aware of the actuality vs the perception. Understanding the context and reality of your life, the context of the

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Options; Helpful or Harmful?

Many times in life it is tight options are good. Examples are when getting bids to price out construction work out when buying an item there might be research on where to purchase it the cheapest. Going to college or trade school has many options of institutions to continue education. The best fit can be

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People of the Towel

In a “me” centered society there is a necessity to model our lives after a truth & philosophy that transforms. John 13:1-17 repeats a theme that is seen through out the Bible. Knowing and doing is required to live a life that is a proper response to the grace that has been given to the

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What is fairness and why do people seek it? Fairness in todays culture typically is used or discussed when people are “getting” or “not getting” something compared to what others are getting. Economically, relationally, and through sacrifice fairness is evaluated. At Christmas people can get angry and think something is “unfair” when one gets a

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When Obedience is Costly

Humans are finite beings who can only handle a certain amount of pain, tensions, stress, and work load. Everything has a cost. These costs may not be solely economic, they may be emotional, relational or physical costs. Disciplines of physical exercises, time management, occupational dedication, family engagement, religious focus all have costs if someone is

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Pain Deepening Faith

The pain of the infliction can be more than it seems. Pain is a warning signal from the physical body to the conscious mind. Pain can bring forth ideas of protection and increased awareness. The pain of a strained muscle, broken bone, a migraine headache, infected tooth, and other physical symptoms show the mind that

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Customer or Disciple?

There was a time when church would not be compared to a rock concert, a motivational speech, or a political gathering. As American culture has changed it would be hard for someone who has never seen a church service before tell the difference between a church service and the categories of gatherings listed above. Consumer

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