Pain Deepening Faith

The pain of the infliction can be more than it seems. Pain is a warning signal from the physical body to the conscious mind. Pain can bring forth ideas of protection and increased awareness. The pain of a strained muscle, broken bone, a migraine headache, infected tooth, and other physical symptoms show the mind that change is needed. Pain shows there is something wrong. Despite this information pain does not usually provide an appropriate solution. In this world today pain is typically met by worldly solutions that attempt to being comfort. In a culture seeking more and more of selfish ambition, pain needs to bring forth humility and awareness of the Divine.

Suffering in the process of death, loss, and change is what modifies life. Behaviors modifications usually happen in response to something that acts externally but also effects the internal. It is within these times that strength, growth, endurance, and lessons can be learned. Pain shows something that may have been taken for granted or more concerning, forgotten. Pain is a signal or sign, the response shows something important.

Our response to pain shows something about our physically health but also our spiritual state. Physical health, wellbeing, stamina, and disciplines will help mitigate pain effecting social and occupational functioning. Spiritual well-being aids in resiliency and fortitude to engage in hard physical tasks but also difficult emotional and relational circumstances. Our sacrifices in the good times will personally, relationally, spiritually show what we can expect in the difficulties. Resiliency and love is an expansion of the soul and the souls connection to something greater. Pain gives the opportunity to respond in appropriate ways and shows our true dependence on something greater. Pain is not “weakness leaving the body” as has been referenced in the athletic communities today. Pain is a warning sign that need to be appropriately addressed and used to make something better in life, physically, relationally, and spiritually.

In our healing there needs to be an awareness of holding to humility and keeping from self righteousness. In Dallas Willard’s “Spirit of the Disciplines” he speaks of disciplines creating an uncomfortable situation for some and a rhythm of life for others. People who fear pain limit their growth. They may idolize comfort. On the flip side, people who seek out pain may fall pray to idolizing something else and fail to find true rest and peace.

When we go through pain let us not talk about only the difficulties or the blessings. Let us talk about the whole experience in totality. The death of Lazarus is an example. The people around Jesus only saw pain. Even Jesus experienced pain and emotions, however Jesus also saw glory. In the midst of pain, faith should be sought out. Faith will abound at many levels since there is many level of believer and unbeliever in any situation. In pain a multitude of responses can be seen. One of those needs to be a deepening of Faith.