Shrinking Under Pressure

“But we are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed but of those who believe and are saved”

There are just as many pressures today socially as there have been through out history. There are just as many mockers, combatants, and critics. Genuine faith in a world that continues to scoff is and Al’s ways has been difficult. The wages of political war have always been death. Politics is about being liked, not about getting things accomplished for many. There are some who serve politically who do not serve for accolades or power. This number of individuals through out history is small. Human nature focuses on selfishness as it’s first response.

Belief amongst pressure is hard. It is not easy. GK Chesterton once said this and was honest about the difficulties of faith. We are not the first generation of people to go through difficult things and experience Ill treatment by others. Pressure can break but also can be useful in showing areas of need that we need to grow in. Faith is needed and will be tested.

Shrinking under pressure slows us or weakened that we need to work on and shore up.