When Obedience is Costly

Humans are finite beings who can only handle a certain amount of pain, tensions, stress, and work load. Everything has a cost. These costs may not be solely economic, they may be emotional, relational or physical costs. Disciplines of physical exercises, time management, occupational dedication, family engagement, religious focus all have costs if someone is dedicated to them. Commitment regardless of the costs can bring significant fruit of labor. While there are things in life that can be focused on which are not helpful there are also things that can de a detriment. Some Obedience to self pleasure and self is the ultimate undoing of goodness. Addictions come from making a good thing an ultimate thing in our lives. On the flip side, disciplines can create levels of freedom, healthy functioning, and unity.

To fulfill purpose and ultimate functioning requires obedience. When athletes, entrepreneurs, and highly skilled individuals actualize success they typically do so through obedience and discipline. Our basis for joy is not rooted in being happy but being content in struggles. Joy is only achieved when obedience and disciplines are engaged in.

There are costs in life and there are difficulties in life but obedience needs to be engaged in. Without being obedient people will be blown by emotions and find themselves dedicated to nothing long term. Obedience can be hard, unfamiliar, not accepted by others, and culturally not accepted. Obedience though will provide benefits in life if they are held to. Obedience, will cost, and the cost will purchase something greater.