When Faith is Tested


Over the last few months America has gone from looking at China and seeing their struggle addressing the COVID-19 virus to its own struggle in addressing it. The impact of the virus is significant as it is effecting people’s mindsets, finances, health, jobs, and lives.

People are looking for to questions they know little about. The biggest issue with the COVID-19 virus to date is the lack of understanding of the true outcome that this virus has on an individual, society, and the overarching world population. Fear of the unknown is gripping and it’s impact is wide spread. While man is trying to come up with answers to the vast questions of the time there is so much that our human mind can not understand. Despite this, real and true answers can be.

For many years during the American bull market economy, the questions people focused on related to life, self, purpose, and comfort. Before COVID-19 the world seemed safe and people let their guards down to focusing on what they wanted rather than what they needed.

Humanity is distracted from the Divine and what God has done, is doing, and will do. Humanity has been distracted by human problems; comfort, safety, and desire. In this focus, humanity has lost its faith in its creator. This same idea can be seen over and over in the writings of the books of the Prophets. Israel’s faith and engagement with God faltered as it was infected by the world.

Humanities main issues, through out history and today, stem from its focus on this world and trying to control its brokenness. To find contentment, joy, and unity, humanity must take a minute to breath and rest in the Divine. God is able to heal, nourish, and restore.

Times of testing illuminate the preparedness of the one being tested. Christ was tempted in the wilderness, Israel was tempted by the world, and we today are tempted by danger, physical suffering, and isolation. The example of Christ’s temptation is the one that we today need to understand and look to follow.

The things of the world will test people, distract people, and will increase fear. The world will tempt and believers will be tempted. The test will illuminate the preparation.

God knows about our sufferings, temptations, and struggles. In difficulty and in times of prosperity God is still calling. 2 Chronicles 7:14 explains how God answers. Our world crafts idols and gods to be worshiped but they are not masters and do not have the real answers.

To be ready for the test and temptation humanity must be studious disciples. Every day is a time to study, learn, and train. To be faithful we must be ready for the test.