Service vs. being Entertained

We are designed to be in relationship with each other and serve our creator. Despite this nature, we as people tend to turn to the things that entertain us for our benefit and desires. At our very nature we tend to do the things that we feel is right for us. Despite our best intentions many fall and become entrapped by their desires. We look for the things we want, but is that the same as what we need?

We are built, we have abilities, and we also have weaknesses due to our belief that we are Gods. Due to the current conditions of the world dealing with COVID-19 we are being forced to isolation from others, from work, and from entertainment. A prominent owner of a major sporting team said in a recent interview that “our culture needs sports”. Sports unify, they give distraction, and they help people through hard times. While there are some temporal truths to this, sports, competition, and entertainment are not life giving at their base level. We believe we know what is life giving, but engage in consuming what is not sustainable.

As our world continues to be pushed and effected by a virus, our culture continues to lack the cognitive dearth & fortitude that it needs to be sustainable. We are meant to function in service to our creator not to ourselves. We however, tend to look at the world for entertainment, and we fully believe we can make the right choices to lead ourselves. We want power, we want control, we want freedom, and we want to indulge in the things the world offers.

In a time that things are not accessible and we are isolating, the things that we truly need are illuminated. What do we want? What do we need? There is a difference. As we get back into our lives that may look similar to those before the “pandemic” we need to ask questions. Will we choose to act differently and choose to be better? Will we choose to indulge our wants? Will we change and be aware of what our needs really are and focus on how we can live better lives? The process of sanctification is to be continually set apart, to be better and conduct ourselves better. To function as we need allows us to live better than if we were to indulge what we want.