Resources for ADHD

From professional experience it is very helpful to have resources. However not all resources or information can prove helpful since it can be biased in ways that stray the consumer.

When looking for resources make sure that the blog, book, or article has some backing. The person may be a professional and/or the organization is one that focuses on factual content rather than perception.

While not all content is able to be totally without bias, it is our responsibility as individuals to be critical thinkers. We have the capacity to think and we need to exercise that capability and strengthen it.

The resource at the site below proves quite helpful on many levels. From articles, books, and other helpful information, this site offers paid and free resources.

ADDitide is a site which offers a lot to its readers. For more info check it out. From professional experience it has proven helpful to people who suffer from ADD, professionals working in the area, or family members of someone with this diagnosis.