Importance of Developing the Ability to Think

Developing the mind is the new frontier. Education, attending college, and information gathering has reached new heights of focus. Education and college attendance has been growing over the last few centuries. While education is still important, the ways we engage in education needs to change as the industrialization of the world changes and effects our country. During the continuing education phase of retaining licenses and certifications a certain amount of educational classes are required and credits earned. As a result the process of learning should never stop for a professional. Learning is also vastly important for people in every day life. Taking the time to read, listen, and grow our minds proves to be the only path to growth or maintenance. Without this we will slowly stagnate and ultimately waste away. Below is an article written by the American Psychological Association and confronts the importance of learning particularly focused on memory skills training in college. The ideas here pertain to a specific topic but can be used in many areas of life. American Psychological Association