Accuracy of understanding

Understanding is critical for functioning. In times of panic, stress, and difficulty solutions can be quickly developed. Quotes are usually looked to for answers. Quick, witty, and snap statements are looked at as insightful. Statements are evaluated based on feel and rationalization for ones opinion. Selfishness usually takes over.

As the world gains access to more information it becomes more impulsive and less wise. With impulsivity comes miscommunication. With miss communication comes arguments and disconnection. With disconnection leads to some kind of fight (verbal or physical) It can be argued that the polarization of opinion has never had a better time to sink in than in today’s culture. Even in world wars and battles, it took time and efforts to fight. Today impulsivity rules.

The striving for unity is valid and needs to be persuade but in order to have unity disagreements and discussion has to take places Unity isn’t really unity if everything is the same at first. Unity is truly unity if there is a compassion for another and understanding of differences and sometimes long discussions to take place. There is a certain a boundary set for how different opposing sides can be and still unite, but there is a common threat or threads of connection that occur. The accuracy of understanding can keep unification in place when the initial reactions seem so difficult to overcome. The more people miss the mark of accuracy the further conflict will occur.

Craftsmanship of products has declined over the decades to mass produced items. People today have lost sight of how much effort it takes to make an item. They have lost sight of the many facets that have to be addressed when creating and item. Information and evaluation is the same. The message behind the message has been lost, accuracy of listening and understanding is all but vanished, and truth is now based on ones perception. Understanding takes time and is rarely easy.

The accuracy of understanding is on its way to join the dinosaurs and every other extinct species. The fight for is has to be taken up as vigorously as possible before it goes away for centuries or forever.