Worship Matters

What is worship? Why do people worship? Who are people worshiping?

In the Old Testament of the Bible the Hebrew word for worship is; Shakah- to bow down. Genesis 18:2 is a place where this appears and gives an example of how this plays out in humanity. Genesis 4:3-4, speaks of a gift; minkah- a gift to the lord. Giving a gift to something that is far greater than ourselves.

In the New Testament we can see Mathew 2:2 to see where the concept of worship occurs in Greek. There are several aspects of worship and engagement in the different elements of worship. The Magi traveled a long distance to bow and bend a knee. The motivation was there to not just behaviorally act but to intentionally take time, energy, and resources to put forth in efforts to fully engage in worship.

Why do people worship? The reverence to bow down and show respect for the position God holds in creation and in the lives of those who are created. Worship is bowing down in reverence and giving up something we care about to honor God. Worship is the public or private adoration of the lord which is motivated by a reverence to who is totally worthy. It is whole heartedly responding to the greatness of God with honoring attitudes and actions in all of life. To see another example of worship can be found and meditated in in Mathew 6 in the “Lords Prayer”. This passage and prayer outlines a part of how worship functions and impacts peoples lives.

Who are people worshiping? People are worshiping the one who is greater and larger than anything else in life. People are worshiping the one who is able to be worshiped and be at the top of the relationship without failing. People are worshiping the creator of all things and worship allows people to function in their designed place, with their designed purpose, for their designed goodness.