What Are The Costs?

No matter what an individual looks to do or achieve in life there are costs. There are sacrifices needed to be make to achieve what someone wants. Small, both internal asks external are things, can tempt us to hold onto hold onto them. Thoughts, memories, time, material objects, and relationships are all things that can effect us positively but can also distract us from achievements. There are costs to achievements, to commitments, and in faithfulness. So, what are the costs in life? What are the costs of faith? What are the specific costs of discipleship?

As a Christian, God is first in front of everything. Compliance with expectations is difficult for people as we are designed for relationships but we are sinful and inadequate. Commitment can be tough and confusing. The questions of what we should be committed to or what are we committed against. Today culture demand compliance to what they expect and this compliance is typically in direct opposition to a monotheistic god and creation narrative of life.

Ease, safety, comfort, personal happiness, accolades, and achievements are the things that plague people today and distract from true discipleship and faith. Bonhoeffer, in 1937 days this “when Christ calls someone to follow him, he bids that they come and die!” Now this statement may stir up confusion and discomfort but it gives clarity and a path ahead. The cost of discipleship is what every Christian needs to calculate and accept. The world will say the costs of discipleship are too high. They say this because the costs of discipleship are being put on the scale weighed against the earths counter weights. Those weights are inaccurate and thusly make Christian’s feel that the costs of discipleship are too much. This however is inaccurate. The cost isn’t too much, the cost is accurate and not the burden the world says it it.

Life and death with Jesus is far better with him and God than without.