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Searching for a Therapist – Opening Discussion

Finding a therapist can be difficult despite the growing number of individuals offering supportive services. The difficulty in finding a therapist can be effected by such factors: Finances/Insurance, Location, specialty/expertise, availability of sessions, therapeutic style, race, gender, and the ability to establish a good therapeutic relationship. In this series there will be a several article …

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Relax by Breathing

Breathing is one of the most essential parts of life. To breath is to live, and to control breathing is one way to help handle difficulty and relax in chaos. One of the things american culture culture suffers from is the inability to handle breathing appropriately. Leaning how to breath is not as simple as …

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Analytic Athlete

How Data can impact athletic success in the twenty-first century. Frequent Questions  What is Data in athletics? What are their benefits? Are there any issues? As competition in athletics increases new training techniques and philosophies are being created. Promotion of ideas and philosophies of training styles are being sold to young athletes and parents daily. …

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Sports- Created To Think

Distractions – What to do?

Distractions come in many situation and can occur at any point. During competitions distractions can pose a significant issues to a players success if not dealt with appropriately. To better understand how to decrease distractions, it is important to know; what a distraction is, why they occur, and how long they effect a player. Every …

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Psychology- Created To Think

New Beginnings in College

As athletes make the transition from junior athletics to the collegiate levels there are many things that are a part of the new experience. Expectations of the player, competition levels, living changes, training requirements, and academic loads are just a small part of the changes that await athletes as they make the transition. One of …

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