People of the Towel

In a “me” centered society there is a necessity to model our lives after a truth & philosophy that transforms. John 13:1-17 repeats a theme that is seen through out the Bible. Knowing and doing is required to live a life that is a proper response to the grace that has been given to the […]

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Pain Deepening Faith

The pain of the infliction can be more than it seems. Pain is a warning signal from the physical body to the conscious mind. Pain can bring forth ideas of protection and increased awareness. The pain of a strained muscle, broken bone, a migraine headache, infected tooth, and other physical symptoms show the mind that

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Worship Matters

What is worship? Why do people worship? Who are people worshiping? In the Old Testament of the Bible the Hebrew word for worship is; Shakah- to bow down. Genesis 18:2 is a place where this appears and gives an example of how this plays out in humanity. Genesis 4:3-4, speaks of a gift; minkah- a

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What are promises and why do they matter? We have nothing to truly offer people if we do not offer promises and carry them out. A relationship is empty and meaningless if we can’t count on the other person when the time comes that we truly need connection, help, and support. A marriage, friendship, and

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What Are The Costs?

No matter what an individual looks to do or achieve in life there are costs. There are sacrifices needed to be make to achieve what someone wants. Small, both internal asks external are things, can tempt us to hold onto hold onto them. Thoughts, memories, time, material objects, and relationships are all things that can

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