What are promises and why do they matter?

We have nothing to truly offer people if we do not offer promises and carry them out. A relationship is empty and meaningless if we can’t count on the other person when the time comes that we truly need connection, help, and support. A marriage, friendship, and community has little to offer if promises and commitment are absent in the relationship. A commitment has to occur in good times and bad. Promises must be clear, they must be given by clear communication and must be able to be fulfilled in clear ways. Ambiguous promises and fulfillments of those promises are as useless. Ambiguity shows a lack of promises and commitment. We have nothing to truly offer each other if we do not offer promises, uphold commitments, and stand by each other in good times and bad.

God has nothing to offer if God does not claim divinity, offer promises, and fulfill those promises. Commitment is one of the core tenants of promise. Commitment is a tenant of American society today that is severely lacking. The “sugar rush” society that we live in is the antithesis to Gods character, functioning, and the Gospel message. Through pain, suffering, loss, heart ache and grief Gods commitment abounds. During these same trials and tribulations humanity falls apart and eats itself. The immediate emotional and chemical reactions we as humans go through in daily life are not fully fulfilled by the things of this world. Our physical, mental, and emotional needs will be met by God. The promise God gives through scripture and the “good news” of the Gospel message is what humanity needs but is a promise most people don’t fully believe in. Promises, in Gods context, is not a short term bandaid but an eternal solution. Commitment is a tenant of promise and a characteristic of God.

Hope is another tenant to promise. Without hope a promise looses is power during the time between when the promise was made and when the promise is fulfilled. John 11:23-27 shows the promise, the hope, and gives light to 1 Corinthians 15 which talks about the promise fulfilled. Trials uncover humanities lack of faith, commitment, hope, and promises that we believe in.

What are the promises that God has given to humanity? What are the promises that people have given to each other? Which one are you more confident in and out more hope in?