Forgiveness Resources: All Readers

Understanding and implementing forgiveness can be a scary & daunting process for people who are hurting and have been wronged. However, from clinical experience the outcomes and benefits can be freeing and wonderful. Throughout the journey of forgiveness, having accurate information is highly important. In my opinion, the resources below are some of the best in the world on this topic. 

Books and websites will be referenced for multiple sources of information. 

The websites offer many resources, workbooks & handouts, education plans, and practical application. The individuals behind these websites are some of the leading experts on the world on forgiveness. 


 The International Forgiveness Institute is a robust resources with a wealth of knowledge and experience behind its content. Dr. Robert Enright and his colleagues are some of the leading experts in the world on the topic of forgiveness and its implementation in various contexts. 

Everett Worthingon has been researching, writing, and teaching on this subject for over 3 decades. His insight and knowledge is a highly valuable. Much of this information can be found on his website: Everett Worthington – Forgiveness

Dr. Enright & Dr. Worthington, along with their support staff and contributors, have also written and published several books on the topic of forgiveness; education, training, and support. The books below are written on it’s various aspects, which have been utilized by professionals, lay leaders, and individuals world-wide.

This book is a great educational resource. The 4 stages Enright offers are clear and significantly helpful in living a forgiving life. 

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It is Robert Enrights belief that forgiveness is a choice. This step-by-step guide outlines this belief and shows his readers how they can implement forgiveness into their lives.

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This book can be best described by its author who says: “Self-blame, shame, and self-condemnation plague many people and keep them from living lives of freedom and abundance. If you are haunted by the pain of your mistakes and shortcomings, Moving Forward offers you a way to break free from the ghosts of your past.” – Everett Worthington 

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Everett Worthington offers more insight and help on this topic. While forgiveness only takes one individual, reconciliation takes both parties to actively participate in the process. Wrothington gives some deep insights and steps to forgive and what it takes to reconcile. 

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For some, the process of Forgiveness can feel unjust and dismissive. Worthington works to educate his readers and helps them process how forgiveness and justice can happen. 

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