Becoming Who You Can Be: True Potential

Life is made up of continual transition and developments. Reaching one’s “True” potential takes work as well as a plan. It takes a drive and desire to look at yourself honestly and recognize what your potential is and also see the blind spots that may ultimately keep you from your best.

In sport specifically, athletes can only achieve their full potential if they are motivated. They also need to surround themselves with individuals who can support them and make them better. Advice from others is what takes a good person with high motivation to the next level. The areas below are critical things for athletes to think about and grow in.

Physical training: every athlete needs a certain level of strength and conditioning. This can include speed work, strength development, flexibility, and power. A player has to develop a close relationship with a physical trainer in today’s age of sports due to the highly physical nature of athletics to date.

Technical development: working on technique and strategy are very important for sports such as tennis or golf where mechanics are the major part of success. Mechanical training increases muscle memory which in turn will help the athlete develop confidence. These two area are the cornerstones of high athletic performance.

Mental focus and resiliency: The mind is a serious asset. Our ability to think can be the “it” factor that influences the way players compete. While there is no substitute for natural physical ability, more athletes don’t make it to the next level due to their mental deficiencies. What this means is that many athletes don’t succeed because they are not mentally tough enough to do so. They don’t step into the pain of a loss and develop the ability to rise from failure.

All athletes need support systems in order to find success. Creating these systems is critical for an athlete to develop in the three areas discussed above. Becoming who you are designed to be takes time, effort, and a group of people whom can help.